Send Me a Sign

Send Me a Sign - Tiffany Schmidt Tiffany Schmidt's, Send Me A Sign, had me both crying and cheering on her character, Mia. This book had everything I was looking for in a general fiction book. It had drama, romance and an ending that suited me down to the ground.Mia was a girl who had it all - good grades, the best of friends and a life anyone would have wished for, but all that changed when she got diagnosed with cancer (leukemia). There was something great about reading about a girl who lived her life through 'signs' - even though some of those signs caused her to make stupid mistakes. But that's life.Even though I've never had cancer, I could relate which what she was going through. I could even understand some of the decisions she made - one that included not letting anyone know she was sick. Denial is definitely one of those things that really comes to life in a situation like Mia's. Even the confusion Mia dealt with was real to me. She was trying her own way to get through an ordeal that was brought on through no fault of her own.The story was told in first voice (Mia's voice) and what a voice it was. It was strong. It was the type of voice you don't forget in a hurry. It's a voice that made this book one of my favorites. Even though it dealt with a serious illness, it was light enough so your spirit didn't feel like it was dying. It was a hopeful voice. I know that sounds odd, but it's the only way I can think of to describe it.The other characters were fantastic too. Gyver was the boy-next-door and I fell in love with him. He was definitely crush-worthy. He made mixed tapes for Mia - just because she liked them. He was her best friend, even more than the girls were and I think he was the one who really made Mia wake up to what she was doing in the end. I was definitely Team Gyver. He was someone who Mia had grown up with. I didn't really like Ryan. He had his moments, but I just didn't connect with him the way I did with Gyver. It was almost like he was competing against Gyver to win Mia's affections when he wasn't really into her at all - it almost felt as if it was more the thrill of the chase with him.Mia's parents were at times both annoying (Mia's mom) and sweet (Mia's dad). They dealt with their daughters illness in different ways that had me both swearing and nodding in agreement with them. Mia's mom I could have slapped.The whole novel was about a girl's trials and tribulations with having to deal with the fact that she had cancer. It was about learning that horoscopes were not the end all and be all of your life and that you made your own luck. It was about having to face up to things and make some tough decisions and, yes, it was about falling in love - with the right person. In the case of this book, the romance side of it didn't overpower the story - instead it enhanced it.I would recommend this book to anyone. I don't think there would be a single person who didn't get something out of it - even if they didn't like reading it in the end.Now for my rating.Five out of five stars.This review can be found here