The Weight of Souls (Strange Chemistry)

The Weight of Souls - Bryony Pearce

'Dead men take me to the nicest places' (pg 1)


From the very first sentence 'The Weight of Souls' had me hooked. The intensely, deadly scene at the start, to the enticing scenes at the end, were captivating, mysterious and downright terrific.


Taylor was a girl who just wanted to live a normal life. One without the torment from her peers, pressure from a parent and peace from the ghosts that only she could see. Victims whose souls cried out for justice.  What I really liked about Taylor was that she was Asian. It was nice to read about a girl from another culture than mine. My only disappointment was that I never really got to read more about it.


I was, however, impressed that the author had gone against the traditional route of the stereotypical white girl. Taylor had a lot going on with her life and had pressures that could have driven anyone else insane.There were other characters that I grew attached to as well. Justin, a boy who tormented Taylor for reasons she didn't know, didn't believe he was dead, that he had been murdered. Even though he started off as a bully, he had hidden traits so when I read more about him, I couldn't help, but like him. He was a perfect companion for Taylor.


The story line was imaginative and had a lot of flair. There was something really unique about the talent Taylor inherited from her mother. The events throughout the book flowed with thrilling brilliance.


I adored the writing style of this book. I must admit that I have read 'Angel's Fury' by this author, but I never got attached to that book in the same way I have this one. I positively adored this book - the exciting scenes, the characters (even creepy James) and the unexpected legend. A legend that may not be familiar to some people.I found it really hard to find anything that I didn't like. It was one of those books that just charmed me.


As such, I would recommend this book to anyone who likes fantasy mixed with ghostly characters.Now for my rating:- five out of five stars.