Shadows on the Moon

Shadows on the Moon - Zoƫ Marriott This has a very unique spin on the classic fairy-tale Cinderella, one I liked a lot.Suzume is a fourteen-year-old girl when her story starts. She goes on the run after she sees her father and cousin murdered by who she thinks are the Shadow Prince's men. While on the run, she meets Youta, Akira and, of course, Otieno.The fascinating thing about the retelling of this fairy-tale is that Suzume has her own magic and although she needs the help of others, as like in the original fairy-tale, she is very kick-ass. The setting also fascinated me as it is set in old Japan. I love that setting. There are three parts to the book - Suzume, Rin and Yue. Three different names that portray the changing tone of the story. Suzume is the loving daughter with the happy family, Rin the drudge and Yue, the vengeful seductress. But to Otieno she is known only as Pipit.The whole way the book was set out showed how multi-faceted Suzume was.Otieno was lovely. He knew her from almost the very becoming and came across her as all three of her names. He was supportive, loyal and really cute. He had his own powers, which Suzume became aware of over time. There was something mysterious about him and his family. He was the 'prince' in the story as far as I was concerned.I think anyone who likes fairy-tale re-tellings will like this book, especially if they like an Asian influence.I gave this 4 out of 5 stars because I really enjoyed this book. I would have written more if I hadn't been half asleep as I wrote this.