Night Road

Night Road - Kristin Hannah

This book shattered my heart and I'm still not sure it's back together yet. I started crying halfway through and continued to intermittently blubber until I had finished it.It starts off being a story about a mother. A mother who loves her twins so much that she came across, to me, as a control freak, but I realized at the end, she was just a mother who loved too much.


It was a story about Lexi, Zach and Mia - three teenagers destined to become a family.Lexi is a orphan whose mother was drug addict. Lexi grew up feeling unwanted as she went from foster home to foster home, when her mother didn't claim her. Finally, she's claimed by her Aunt Eva, a relative she never even knew existed, and moves to Port George.


On the first day of school she meets Zach and Mia - the twins. There's so much I could say about the characters in this book as each and every one of them have a piece of my heart. From Mia, who was so sweet, needy, friendless and scared of being hurt that she reminds me a lot of myself. Lexi, who was so self-sacrificing that she made me want to hug her. She wanted so badly to be loved and to belong to a family. Zach, who liked Lexi so much that he wanted to ask her out the first day he met her, but stepped aside because he saw how much his sister needed her. But that's only a small part of what made Zach who he was.And Jude - the mother who lost and then found herself as story went on.


The depth of this book is that it is a story of drink-driving and what happens when a family member/close friend is killed. It's a story about the aftermath, the fall-out from it and the breaking apart of a family unit and two people who are meant to be together, but their relationship practically destroyed because of it.It's about guilt, and a mother who grieves so much that she buries her love away, so much so, that she stops feeling in her attempt to bury the pain. It's about wrong choices, learning from your mistakes, about forgiveness and about several types of love that truly never die.


This book is truly brilliant, and I'm so glad I bought it - even if it has made me an emotional wreck.