Touch of Frost (Mythos Academy Series #1)

Touch of Frost - Jennifer Estep I'm sure this book had a split personality or the characters did at least. The premise of this book of Jennifer Estep's intrigued me enough to want to read it. But, it was hard work. Just when I started liking the main character she threw a curve ball at me that made me hate her. On and on this went right throughout the book.Gwen had to go to Mythos academy after her mother died and her grandmother decided she should go. But, this school was not a normal school. It was made up of mythological types - Spartans, Valkyries and others. Gwen was a gypsy. Gwen was a character you love to hate. There were moments when she was kick-ass - just how you wanted a heroine - and then she was a complete (insert appropriate swear word here). She was so judgmental about some of her classmates and she didn't even know them. Plus, whatever her classmates did were actually none of her business. You don't get to call a person a 'raging slut' when you don't know them from a bar of soap. In fact, you have no right to judge them like that at all.Anyway, enough of that - I think you get my meaning.Logan was a character I actually liked a bit. He was tough, but he also loved to tease Gwen. He was quite a funny character actually. Although I think he could have been a lot better.The book was filled to the brim of stereotypes. You have the rich, mean girls, the girl with no friends (Gwen), the hot boys who slept with every girl they could (Logan) It just so frustrating coming across so many types of it. The plot was somewhat original - the characters, well, not so much. And the ending, although fascinating, had elements of a cliche. But, I won't say what because you need to read the book to guess what I mean.In this case, it was the plot that made me keep reading. I really liked the story line, mostly because it seems to be based on Norse mythology. I like reading about different types of mythology so to come across this book was great. And, it had all the elements I liked. Suspense, action, romance and the mythology aspect.Among the several things that annoyed me about this book was that there seemed to be a lot of info-dumping in the form of dialogue or in the thoughts Gwen had. I know that it was to set the scene of what was happening or what was going to happen, but it just seemed too much. I lost my concentration several times because I got bored with it. There's only so much I want to know about mythology before I feel like I should just read the myth instead of the book.But, even with all that, I'll still go on to read the sequels, not because of the characters, but because of the plot. More fool I, I loved the plot.Anyway, now for my rating.Two out of five starsThis review can be found here