XVI - Julia Karr This book was not what I had expected and I didn't realized I was going to be quite so angry about it. I read it and then read it again because I wasn't sure what to put in my review. Well, now I know. Be warned - this review is going to contain spoilers and be rant-filled. So we begin.This book was all kinds of bad.But, first this is what I liked about it.- I enjoyed the relationships in the book. It was interesting to read about Nina, Sal and the others.- I liked how it wasn't an insta-love type of book.- There was plenty of suspense or mystery.- I even liked the writing and the dialogue.What I didn't like about it could go on forever:-First, the confusing world-building There was a hint of it and just when I thought, 'oh the author's going to explain how her society came about further' bam - nothing happened! Just more questions and no answers. And, I hated, POSITIVELY LOATHED, how there were questions at the back of the book that asked me how I thought the world came about. I'm sorry, but you're the author of the book. It is not up to your readers to determine what ran through your head while you were writing this.And what a world it was - when the heck is it all right to have a book that treats young girls as if they're subservient? What happened to women's rights? How the heck did it get from us fighting for our rights, to us having none but the expectation that a man/boy can rape a girl anytime they wanted, just because the girl had a tattoo of XVI? OR WORSE YET GET TRICKED INTO THE SEX SLAVE INDUSTRY!!! Did they have a shortage of women? What happened in all the wars they had that it would turn into such a patriarchal society? If I was living in this world, I'd blow it up.Now, I'm no prude - I can't be with some of the books I read, but I do have self-respect and this book just tramples a girl's self-respect right into the ground. I don't even mind sex in stories as long as it's consensual, safe and sane. Reading about girls whose only hope for the future is to have a tattoo and to sleep with any guy who demands it is sickening. I. WANT. TO. HURT. SOMEONE!And it continues.There is also a caste society where people have a better chance at life the higher they are in it. Being friendly to the homeless was punishable by the Governing Council. Who are the Governing Council and how were they made up? Did the dregs of society - the mass murderers, rapists, the sadistic and goodness knows what else - rise up and take control of the world? Or worse, are they like cockroaches and only nasty, vicious men survived after the wars were over?Oh, I almost forgot - if you're under sixteen and come from a lower class, you can also run the risk of becoming a 'Cinderella' girl. Which pretty much means you are your parent's slave - for the rest of your life! Or until you become sixteen! And you now by know what happens then.IT SUCKS TO BE A GIRL IN THIS WORLD! Thank goodness for characters like Sal, Mr Jenkins and Nina's father. They gave me hope that good guys still existed in this world.But, wait, there's more hideous, horrendous stuff. Some of the characters are crucified. Sandy, for one. Her character was so poorly executed I wanted to cry - or hit someone on her behalf. I felt so sorry for that girl. She was so one-dimensional and that dimension was being a sex addict or a 'sex-teen'. She could have been so much more than that. A girl can be boy-crazy and have a brain. This poor character was made out to be an idiot. And she was objectified by boys and her character was written in such a way that she enjoyed it. Poor, poor Sandy.-sigh-This book takes everything that a girl values and twists it into a mockery of the way it should be. It makes sexual, physical and emotional abuse acceptable and that to me is all kinds of wrong. And, yes, I know it's a book, but I really don't care. It sends bad messages to the ignorant. And, what's worse is I haven't even covered some of the other stuff that happened in this book - like Ed. It's your risk whether you want to read it or not, but, as for me, I'm glad I got it out of the library, instead of buying it - like I was going to do. It would have been a waste of money.I wouldn't recommend this book to anyone.Now for my rating:-One of five starsThis review can be found here:-http://magicalmanuscriptsandwritingthings.blogspot.co.nz/