Dark Angel: v. 1

Dark Angel - Eden Maguire I read this book in about five hours. After getting over the initial dry start I was completely hooked as the story developed.Tania, the main mc, is a girl who is in a relationship with Orlando, but draws the eye of a man who leads a group who appears to be a cult but appearances are not what they seem. Even though there is another guy,Daniel, who appears there is no love triangle, even though you get sucked into believing there will be.What there is instead is evilness in the form of Fallen Angels. These aren't cute fallen angels, who have hearts of gold - no these are angels who will suck the life out of you and Tania battles to save her friends who have been drawn to the 'dark' side. It was gripping, suspenseful and at times a little gut clenching. I enjoyed this book immensely.