Unwind - Neal Shusterman

Well, this was one of those books that has me thinking days afterwards. It's not so much the plot although that itself was awesome. It's the thought that parents could sign their children over to be destroyed. Unwinds, as they are called, are sent to Harvest Camps where they are dissected for their organs and body parts.


It is a chilling tale of how the fight between Pro Life and Pro Choice could end up. Pro Life because the victims live on in others and Pro Choice because parents get to 'abort' their kids years after they are born.The story is based around Connor, Risa and Levi. Connor is a rebel, Risa is a state kid who wasn't musical enough to allow to live and Levi was born to be harvested - he was a tithe. All throughout the book they tell their own story and meet other kids with their own story to tell.I really give this book 4.5 stars.