Shattered Dreams (Midnight Dragonfly Series #1)

Shattered Dreams - Ellie James So this review isn't going to be one of the nicest I've written and it's one of those books I have mixed feelings about. Shattered Dreams is about a girl named Trinity who dreams about a girl in danger, but the twist is she doesn't know if it's herself or another girl. As the story unravels, secrets are revealed and her life is changed forever. The characters had a lot to be desired in this book. I can't really think of any character that stood out to me. I know Trinity should have been the one I loved, and I did like her for the most part, but she did some really stupid, immature things that really turned me off her. I can handle a lot of immature things, but not when those stupid things can put your life in danger - not when it isn't self-sacrificing. To her credit though, she does use her gift to try and find Jessica before it's too late. Even though Jessica had been nasty to her beforehand.Chase was all right. He was just the normal-type mc male who was there for the heroine for the most part. He seemed more relatable to me then any of the others. I understood him more. And I positively loathed Jessica. She acted like a psycho ex-girlfriend who couldn't let go of the guy who dropped her because he discovered he liked another girl. Sorry, honey, but he didn't cheat on you with Trinity, he did the right thing and dumped you first. Not that he wanted to be with you anyway. If I recollect the story correctly, you emotionally blackmailed him into staying with you when he had tried to dump you earlier and that was BEFORE he met Trinity.Anyway, let's just say she really got on my nerves. She had played these stupid disappearing games in the past, which is part of the reason why nobody thought much of it when she first disappeared - because she had done it all before. Done it before as part of a ploy to get back at people. That's probably a spoiler. I'm usually very careful not to go into what may possibly be a spoiler, but in this case I don't really care. The sad thing is where I would have felt sorry for any other person in her position, I couldn't. I just couldn't connect to her as a victim - and I hated that.The only thing that saved this book for me and the reason I would go on to read the next is because of the story line. I like reading paranormal books - especially when it involves clairvoyance. I've always had thing for books that include it. Even though the book felt disjointed, I have to admit I still liked the way it was done. And I liked the idea of a game and matching wits with the bad guy.I don't know who I'd recommend this book to - I guess it would be to anyone who likes paranormal books, because, well, when it comes right down to it, this is only my opinion.Anyway, now for my rating:- 2 out of 5 starsThis review can be found here:-