Touch (Denazen Novel)

Touch - Jus Accardo This review can be found on every paranormal book I read, I have to wonder how authors come up with their character's abilities. I mean, when you really think about it, only your imagination can limit you. It's hard to imagine not being able to touch anyone, because if you did, you'd kill them. Well, that's what Jus Accardo decided to gift Kale with. Kale plays a big part in this, especially to me, even though the story is told in Deznee's voice.The story is centered around two characters - Deznee and Kale. Deznee Cross is the daughter of the man who held Kale captive before he escaped. The story starts when Deznee, who lives to annoy her father, is heading home from a party she was not supposed to be at. Along the way she encounters Kale, who is on the run and has people chasing him. The world Jus created came slowly. The further I read on, the more I understood what the characters were going through and what they had to try and beat. It's a world of horror, really. The story made it easy to think how it would be if I had been watched every single minute of the day. Forced to do something so against my beliefs that I don't think my conscience would have handled it - and I don't think yours could either. To go into detail would be to reveal spoilers. But I couldn't resist this quote from the book.“That man is the Devil of Denazen.”That is describing Deznee's father and, boy, did he deserve it.The organization Kale escaped from is called Denizen. It was easy to envision the building in my head and the falsity of it. Denizen was known to people like you and me as a law firm, but to those who are commonly referred to in this book as 'sixes', it was hell on Earth. Characters die in this book.The characters also drew me to this book. First of all, I'll start with Deznee.Deznee is so relatable. She's snarky, yet not enough to annoy me. Really snarky characters who do nothing, but bitch and moan put me off reading more. I'm grateful to say I didn't feel the same way with her. She had quick-witted snark, if you get what I mean. She cared about her friends and had real faults, including almost turning to another guy who had shared a past with her. Yes, people, there is back story here. I find in some books there isn't any and it makes it hard to identify with the character.Kale is a mixture of innocence and angst. He fascinates me. He's lived all his life in an environment that is in no way a home and only remained human because of someone who has ties with Deznee. I loved reading scenes about him experiencing new things. He was so cute and so funny. He was deadly, but so vulnerable at the same time and he had no hang-ups on some things, which I really liked.And the secondary characters! To me, they were great. Reading about them was like watching a game of chess - each character was placed there for a reason. It was really interesting to see how things came together at the end.And, now the nitpicks.Some of the scenes were predictable. I could imagine what was going to happen before it did.And, some of Deznee's reactions bothered me. She saw someone killed in front of her and she didn't seem phased by it. I know that if I had seen what she had seen, I would have gone into shock or hysteria - maybe both.I also didn't like the possible love triangle in it, but that's just me. In the author's defense, the way it was done was kind of different from other love triangles I've read about.Still, I really enjoyed this book, and it was well worth reading. And now for my rating.4.5 stars.