The Immortal Rules (Blood of Eden Series #1)

The Immortal Rules (Blood of Eden Series #1) - Julie Kagawa does vampires the way I like them. Not apparently evil, but having to fight their evil nature. They drink human blood and are nocturnal. They even burn in the sun and I'm talking about turn-to-ash type burn. My kind of vampire.Alison is a human who fights for survival - whether it be for food or for her sanity. She wants the chance to live her knowing what freedom is, without being a food source, but knows in the society she lives in that it would never happen. She has a 'family' who are together more from necessity then for any real love for each other.It's while they're foraging for food that life takes a dramatic turn leaving her with a choice whether to become vampire or not.This was a book where the story line was just as enjoyable as the characters themselves. It seemed fitting that Alison would end up with someone who was of the light, while she was fighting the dark. Alison was someone who needed a family. She cared about people - even people who didn't deserve it. If you're looking for a character who has a bit of fight in her - Alison is it. I actually liked her. Yes, she whined a bit, but being someone who reacts sharply to change, I can't blame her. And this was a life-altering change.Zeke was all right, I guess. His reactions fit someone who has always known vampires as nasty evils. He was the second in command for a rag-tag group of humans looking for 'Eden'. I thought he was a bit gullible in automatically accepting what his leader told him, but he still held on to his faith, which is a surprising theme in this book.The whole book was edgy and interesting. I had got to the point where I was getting a little afraid to pick up books about vampires, but I had bought Immortal Rules some time ago and I decided to read it. This is the first book I've read of Julie Kagawa's and I'm glad I picked this one. The writing was lovely - not too over-powering with the prose, but well-written enough to make me happy.There were only a couple of things I didn't like. I didn't like how Kanin had such a minor part to play in this book for someone who effectively changed Alison's life. It would have been better served if the first book (since this is a series) had been based on Alison and Kanin. If there had to have been a love interest then Zeke could have been bought into the book the other way. I loved Kanin - he was one of my memorable characters.And, Ruth felt like a 'token' female character. Why, if there was only going to be one other female, was she portrayed in such an ugly way? I can understand the jealousy, the uncertainty and the wariness, but there are ways to write those characteristics in without making the character seem like a witch. She was another one of my memorable characters. It's quite funny how that is.Anyway, even with those complaints I still loved the book.I would recommend this to anyone who likes vampires done the old-fashioned way, action and an interesting plot line.Now for my rating.Four out of five wandsThis review can be found here