Struck - Jennifer Bosworth Imagine having two cults fighting it out to control one person. Both, who want use that person in their own way. Even prepared to use your family to do it. That's what Mia faces in this book. Mia is a girl who is addicted to lightning - the same way a druggie is fixated on their next shot of heroin. She knows when storms are coming and has to fight the urge to race towards it. She lives in post-apocalyptic world where the city she lives in has virtually been destroyed after a horrendous Earthquake and there is more trouble coming. She fights to keep her family together in a time where the homeless live in tents and the simple things are hard to get. She has to go to school to get the food she needs. And, to make her life even more difficult, along comes Jeremy...The thing that struck me the most about this book was the cult element. I wouldn't call it religion per se because it wasn't a known religion fighting against another. It was two different sects - one who believed the world was going to end - the other trying to make sure it didn't happen. There was a sense of good and evil, but not in the usual way that I've been used to. No angels or demons in this book!The world-building side of it disappointed me. I didn't know anything about how the world worked apart from what was going on between the two sects. I know there were militiamen who patrolled the area, but who looked after them? Where was the government or mayor in all this? There's always someone who takes charge. I also couldn't understand why Mia made it so easy to allow Jeremy into her life when he was going to do something to horrible to her (can't say what -spoiler). There was one scene where she showed her fear and outrage and then she folded as easily as a towel is. I guess he was the better of two evils.That being said though I did like the characters. I thought Mia and Jeremy were sweet together. There was definitely no love at first sight here, but more the situations that were going on in their lives that made them connect. I think Mia was actually quite a strong character except towards the end. Even though it was part of the story line, I didn't really like what happened towards the end of the book. I think it took something away from Mia and left me frustrated with her. Mind you, that did give her some flaws so I guess it comes down to the way the reader interprets it.The secondary characters really didn't leave me with much of an impression. I guess it's because I didn't really know that much about them. They felt empty - like they had been put in the book to make it flow the way it should. I think the only two who made much of a impression on me were Katrina and Mr Kale.I don't really have much to say about Jeremy. He was alright, but I can't say I fan-girled over him. Despite all my 'meh' feelings about the book as a whole, I can't deny that there was something about this book that appealed to me. I think it was the unique plot of the book. I haven't read a book quite like it before. And, I did like the climax of the book and the way it ended. I think it was that and Mia that saved it from being rated any lower. If there ever is a sequel to this book, I will read it.I would recommend this book to anyone who likes elemental books.Now for my rating:-Three out of five starsThis review can be found here