Earth Girl

Earth Girl - Janet  Edwards Janet Edwards, Earth Girl introduced me to a character I ended up loving. Jarra was tough, yet vulnerable all at the same time. She was a little snarky at the beginning and I did wonder if I was going to like her. All that changed when I found out how she lived and how her parents had virtually abandoned her because she was born an 'ape'. I loved her stubborn determination to show that she was just just as good as a 'norm'. She was brave and put into situations where she excelled. Normally, I would think 'Mary Sue' character, but I just didn't get that vibe from her.Fian, her love interest, was adorable. He had her back during the whole book. I didn't like that he had been falling for Jarra and she had been lying to him and couldn't blame him for his reaction later on in the book. I don't know what else to say about him where I wouldn't be gushing like a lovesick idiot so I'll go no further.I really enjoyed the world-building of the book. You had to have good world-building in this book because a lot of it had been based on how the history of how Earth had come to be as it was. The book was about saving Earth's past. You can't help, but get a sense of why Jarra loved history so much. Also, the plot itself was really interesting, but I won't go into that because you can read the 'blurb' and then the book yourself to see what I mean.There was also a lot of action. I find that if you want to love a book you have to have a combination of great characters, great plot and awesome, suspenseful action - this book has this. Jarra's life was at risk time and time again. At times, Fian was the only person who saved her life. You can't help, but get sucked in when you have all that. I did think that the start of the book was a bit slow, which made me have doubts, but I'm so glad I continued to read it.The diversity of the characters was also a big draw. There were people from different worlds who lived and believed in different things. I would have liked to have known more about them. That side of things was a bit sketchy.The book was also easy to read and understand. There are some books you can read and you think what on Earth is happening. It's not the case with this book.I would recommend this book to anyone, but particularly those who love sci-fi.Anyway, that's pretty much all I have to say. Now for my rating.Four out of five starsThis review can be found here