The Princesses of Iowa

The Princesses of Iowa - M. Molly Backes This book is centered around Paige Sheridan, a popular girl who comes back from Paris to face the aftermath of an accident that happened before she left home.When I first started reading this book, I absolutely loathed Paige - and nothing changed. She was a stuck-up, judgmental little hypocrite, to put it lightly. She bad-mouthed her friends and betrayed her boyfriend because she was bored. She came across as a victim, when she only had herself to blame for everything that happened in earlier events. I know the lesson that is meant to be learned here is that alcohol is bad, but people can say no! If they have the guts and don't cave to peer pressure. It took me getting so drunk that I knocked myself out to learn that.There's a lot of bias in this book. I was almost sick when I read about the treatment those with different sexual orientation were getting just because they were different. And that Paige accepted it as alright until her conscience got the better of her was just GRRRRR! She was like this meaningless puppet, and her friends and family were pulling the strings.And, don't even get me started on her jackass of a boyfriend. She couldn't leave him because she thought she had her reasons. He and his friends were the most bigoted a-holes that ever were. She could have left him - easily. She just didn't want to because he suited her image - not for the lame excuse about her mother.I'd like to say that I liked Paige in the end, but -shakes head- not even in the last third of the book, when she started having her great 'Disney moments', could I get into her.The only salvageable characters in the book were Mirror (her sister), who actually had a spine, Shanti and Ethan, (poor guy) who ended up being Paige's love interest, but not before she led him on.This book disappointed me on so many levels. I know what M Molly Backes was trying to do, and I applaud her for wanting to reach out to others so they can learn about what can happen when you drink and drive, or have biases, and the consequences of those actions, but instead of it being an awesome read, with meaningful messages - it just came across as bigoted mess.Now for my rating - which will be pretty obvious I think.One out of five stars.This review can be found at