Every Other Day

Every Other Day - Jennifer Lynn Barnes A real page-turner with action and thrills aplenty. Not to mention some really strange creatures and a blood-thirsty heroine.Every Other Day is about a girl who has supernatural powers every second day. Powers that cause her to hunt down demons of every kind. She doesn't do it out of any sense of self-sacrifice, but because she has a burning need to do it. When Kali discovers a demon mark on a popular girl, one her father wants her to be friends with, she takes action. It is up to her to save humans from the demons that no one else really sees - not until it's too late. But that's when the adventure starts...I really liked the characters in this book - from Kali to Skylar to Bethany and Zev. They were wonderful. Kali was just a typical girl, living in an atypical world. She was supernaturally different -yes, but she was relatable as a teenager. I think it was because she was a normal teenager some of the time with the same human weaknesses we all have. She had a father who barely gave her the time of day and a mother who had passed away some years before. She was a loner, which I guess is pretty stereotypical in the world of Y/A books, but in this case I could understand why.There was something really nice about reading a book where there was no instant love. When Elliott came on the scene, I half expected him to drop his Bethany because he and Kali were going to get together. Imagine my surprise when Kali and Bethany became tentative friends and Elliott stayed with Bethany. YES! -high fives- God knows I'm sick of the boy breaking up with his girlfriend to get together with the female main character. And, even more, that the first boy on the scene is usually the main male character. In this case, it was just a well-developed secondary character. That's not to say the book didn't have it's faults. I didn't like that there was barely any back story. I didn't like that the father wasn't involved more - almost like the father was there as a non-essential parental element. WHERE ARE THE BOOKS WHERE A FAMILY INTERACTS WITH EACH OTHER AS A LOVING FAMILY? They do exist, you know. AND, WHERE THE HECK WAS THE WORLD BUILDING?! I'm sorry, but the few lines in the book to explain how the creatures came to be in the world just wasn't enough.-sigh- Yeah, well, anyway, Zev came as complete surprise to me. He wasn't even a human or creature when he first came on the scene - he was just a voice. He was the voice of reason and that was actually a big part of why I liked him. Not that Kali listened to him. I grew into him as I learned more about him throughout the story.There was something about the story line that I enjoyed. It was fast paced and exciting with no chance for the reader, being me, to get bored. I liked how some of the creatures in the book were some I hadn't even heard of before. That's what made it feel different from any other book I had read, despite the issues I thought it had. My only regret is that there doesn't appear to be a sequel. I would have loved it there was because the ending just didn't leave me satisfied.I would recommend this to anyone who likes mythical/supernatural elements.Now for my rating, which is quite high because, despite everything, I really enjoyed the book:-4 out of 5 starsThis review can be found here:-http://magicalmanuscriptsandwritingthings.blogspot.co.nz/