Invisibility - Andrea Cremer, David Levithan Invisibility as a trait in a novel has always been something I've been interested in, but I've never found the right book. Admittedly, this is only the second book I've read with this particular ability, but it's the only one I've finished. There's a winning formula in this as far as I'm concerned and that's because it's kind of believable. In my wildest imaginations, I can see someone being born invisible because of a curse or by magic. Anything is possible if you have a little magic.So you have two main characters in 'Invisibility' - Stephen and Elizabeth. These are two people who strive to find their place in the world after life hits them harder than the normal person. Stephen becomes something other than a ghost and Elizabeth finds something she had been missing for some time - someone to shake her out of the devastation she was feeling over an event that had her family moving towns.'Invisibility' is a book that is written in duo voice and I must say I prefer Stephen's POV more. Mainly, because it's fascinating to find out how he's lived his life and how he reacts to people, particularly Elizabeth and his grandfather. I felt for him and it was hard to imagine what it would be like to have had to live as he had. He was likable, almost calm, even though he had to deal with his invisibility and family issues.Elizabeth didn't hold the same appeal to me. I liked her, but she was more mundane. There were moments when I connected with her, but in others, I just wanted to slap her. In a strange kind of way, I felt like she became the star, the focal point, of the book and I didn't like it. Duo voice books, to me, means that both characters remain even plot-wise in a novel. She didn't really excite me to the point where I wanted to cheer her on. Some of the decisions she made just seemed selfish, even if I could understand her reasoning. I did love her relationship with her brother, Laurie, though. I think that was her one saving grace.The story itself was interesting. I enjoyed the writing style of both authors and the pace flowed really well. I have to mention this, because I found it really unusual. The hardcover book I read had rough edges on it. Like the edges of the pages had been glued together and they used a letter opener to separate the pages. It really was unique and somehow made it special.All in all, I did like this book. If there is a sequel, I will read it. The ending didn't completely satisfy me. I would recommend 'Invisibility' to anyone who enjoys paranormal books, particularly if they have a fascination with invisibility and curses.Now for my rating:-Three out of five starsThis review can be found here:-