Alice in Zombieland

Alice in Zombieland - When I first start reading this I had began to think that it wouldn't be about zombies at all, but more about symbolism. But, I was wrong. This book was definitely about zombies. It was done in a different way than what I had ever read before.You see, in Gena Showalter's Zombieland, guns didn't help. Or, if they did, not for long. But the way they did fight the zombies and destroy them was interesting. I really enjoyed the book because of that. I also liked that there appeared to be two different factions fighting against one another in the way they dealt with the zombies. One group, Cole's group, wanted to destroy them. The other, Justin's group, wanted to experiment on them. The book also held a twist, which I never saw coming.Now, let's talk about the main characters.Alice thought her father was mad with the things he said and done, and I have to admit that when I first started reading the book, I kind of agreed. It wasn't until after the event with her family that she could see what her father was seeing.I really liked Alice. She was the type of person who loved and cared about others. She stood up for herself when she needed to and was willing to fight for her right to destroy what had virtually destroyed her life. She wasn't the type that everyone liked. She only had several friends throughout the whole book and even then some of them deserted her. And, even though, I thought there was a hint of a love triangle, she didn't have all the boys falling over her. In fact, they didn't like her at all.Cole didn't really stand out as a main male character to me. I think what put me off him was his first meeting with Alice. I'm sorry, but I've never seen a boy yet snap his teeth at a girl - especially one he's only just met - even if he didn't like her. Although, I guess the reason he wasn't completely hateful for me was because he did seem to care about Alice in the end, even if he screwed with her head throughout the book.And I have to mention Kat. Even though she came across as someone flighty, I liked her. She was funny and vivacious. She made Alice laugh and befriended her when she really didn't have to. She was a perfect complement to Alice's quieter ways. And, it almost broke my heart when I found out more about her towards the end of the book, It kind of made me understand why she was the way she was.I mentioned earlier about symbolism - well I have to mention the white rabbit cloud formation that you read about at the start of the book. It has definite meaning throughout the whole book and it's something to keep an eye on. There are also references to 'Alice in Wonderland' throughout the book, but it is not like that book at all. It just uses elements of it to represent certain things.Now for what I didn't like.That insta-love type stare when Alice meets Cole. No, just no. I am sick to death of scenes like that. It never happens in real life and I don't care if Alice and Cole shared their first vision because of it. It just put my back up and put me on edge for the rest of the book. Luckily, it was the only stare type thing, but it doesn't matter. It was annoying.The religious dialogue - now I understand that it was all part of Alice's mom's character, but taking into account that not all of us are Christians or have religious backgrounds, it can make for uncomfortable reading. Once again it only really happened once, but it was something that made me think about the others that may read this book.Other than that, I really enjoyed reading Alice in Zombieland and will continue to read the series. I would still recommend that any who like Zombie books to read it, but just don't expect an 'Alice in Wonderland' type of book, because it isn't.Now for my rating.Four out of five starsThis review can be found here