The Glimpse - Claire Merle I'm not even going to put this review on my blog - I'm just going to rage all over Goodreads.This has to be the most offensive book I've ever had the misfortune to attempt to read. I know that the author was trying to world build, but, seriously, the stereotypical crap that I had the stupidity to read almost blinded my eyes until my brain was screaming NO MORE! Seriously, I have been surrounded by people with mental illnesses - even some who went off their meds and NEVER did they become violent or stupid. One, who suffers from Bipolar, is one of the most talented painters I have ever met, not to mention SMART! Another, who suffers from Schizophrenia, would have ripped out his own heart before hurting someone. These are the people I know, Ms Merle, not the biased, prejudiced-against characters you created! This book does a disservice to those who battle against the stigma of mental illnesses every day.THIS BOOK IS UTTER CRAP! DO YOURSELF A FAVOR AND DO NOT READ IT!!That is all.