Above - I really tried to like this book because I always like to give a book a chance, but I just couldn't get into it.Above is a story about people (deformed people, I guess) living below the ground because the alternative is living in a hospital you'd never get free of because you're different.Mathew and Ariel are two people like that. Mathew has only ever known the underground because he was born there. Ariel was born above ground and was given sanctuary. The premise of this book was really good and I even enjoyed the characters. What ruined it for me was the writing style. It was written in such a confusing way that I couldn't really get the whole point of it. I had to use my imagination a lot of the time - when I shouldn't have had to. And, what's worse is, I don't even know if I got it right.There were shadows, men in white coats (which I understand), but the terminology, even though none of it was scientific, was kind of lost on me. I'm pretty sure it was based after a nuclear holocaust and that's why people mutated, but, once again, I'm only guessing. I even think I know what Sick and Killer means. I finished this book, but it was close. I was tempted, almost from page one, to stop reading. I think it was the grammar that got me. Even though I know it was part of the writing style, it grated on my nerves, and I'm not even a Grammar Nazi. I felt like Mathew, the narrator, was simple (and I mean that in the most respectful way) but a book can be written with a character like that and it still make sense. Sadly, this didn't.