Evie's Knight

Evie's Knight - Kimberly Krey Holy hobgoblins, I want a guy like Evie's Knight! Evie's Knight - you'd think the title would say it all, but there was something about this book that had all those self-confessed, hopeless romantic, feelings flowing freely.Right about this paragraph I usually do a short summary about what this book is about, but words are kind of failing me on how to put without wanting to give a huge amount away. Gah, I knew this review was going to be so hard to write, because of all the 'feels'. There's just so much that happened in this book that made me go 'aww', think, 'you dumbass' and gasp in horror - not to mention make me wide-eyed with wonder - as in, 'how on earth are they able to do that?!" Evie's and Calvin's relationship is more than a little unusual. Most females have issues with ex-girlfriends, but imagine if your nemesis, a person who wanted you dead, was a ghost. Not the ghost of a dead ex-girlfriend, which would be bad enough, but the ghost of someone else. Yeah -shakes head- don't envy Evie one bit there, even if she does has a guy like Calvin. There was so much chemistry, honest to goodness chemistry, between Calvin and Evie. It wasn't the insta-love type of thing, but a carefully executed getting together of two people who were obviously meant for each other. They dated. I was so impressed with that. It wasn't the same kind of dating as I've read in some other books, but a genuine feeling of getting to know each other. Some of it was about respect and about respecting someone's boundaries. Yeah, I was very impressed. Haha, I know I was, because I'm repeating myself.All the characters were fantastic, but some of the secondary characters were simply wonderful. Like Parker, Calvin's brother and Fiona, who comes from this place that isn't quite of this Earth. Each added to the story. Even Jocelyn, mad psycho that she was, added something. You knew she was there, but she was more like an insistent nagging in your ear. Her minions played a bigger role.I was really surprised about the turn the story took. I was expecting it to be similar to other ghost stories that I've read, but it wasn't. And, I have to admit, that when the plot did turn, it had me going 'Huh?' But, I just shrugged my shoulders and continued reading, eager to see where I would be led next. I was kind of disappointed about how I didn't really know much about some of alternate places they went and, although I knew a little about the darker world, I didn't really know much about the lighter world. Calvin's world I understood and it was very creative.And as much as there were places where the story line felt like it was going at a snail-like pace, which made me feel as if the book would never end, there was also plenty of action as well, so it balanced itself out.Anyway, I would recommend this book who like the paranormal, superpower abilities and a touch of realism in their books.Now for my rating:-Four out of five starsThis review can be found here:-http://magicalmanuscriptsandwritingthings.blogspot.co.nz/