A Shimmer of Angels (The Angel Sight Series)

A Shimmer of Angels  - Lisa M. Basso

When a girl's reality isn't the insanity that people think it is. Strange, but true.


'A Shimmer of Angels' introduces us to a tale of a girl who has been thinking she has been crazy for years. What really intrigued me was that there was a sense of reality blended into fantasy in this novel that makes it somehow different from other angel books I've read. And, I've read a few.


The characters were a large part of what I loved about this book. They were relatable in a weird kind of way, especially Rayna. It was fascinating to read about her as she moved through the story. Her voice and reactions were priceless. Somehow, I could feel what Rayna was going through and that made reading this novel more enjoyable. And, strangely it made me think it was entirely possible that the beings she could see existed for real.


There are two main male characters and they both had an important part to play in this book. And as much as I usually rage against love triangles, I had to admit I kind of enjoyed this one. Haha, I am definitely on a team - mainly because there's something I really liked about him. He's not what he seems, I'm convinced of it, and there's an interesting plot twist that makes me fascinated in how this story will continue. And, I think Rayna is perfect for both of them.


I have to say that the plot was actually quite clever. It dealt with dark subject matter in a way that was spine-chilling, but not the stuff to cause nightmares. 'A Shimmer of Angels' was a story I could sink my teeth into. Maybe not in the way of some other books that are emotionally driven, but in the way of a good story. I really liked Lisa M. Basso's writing style as well. The pace of the story was great too. Not too fast, but definitely not too slow either.


Overall, I really enjoyed this story and will be going on just to see more of the characters and to see where the plot is headed. I would recommend this to anyone who enjoys fantasy, love triangles and a touch of realism.


Now for my rating: three out of five stars.